Electronic solutions for industrial applications

Welcome to ROS, your partner for electronic systems and industrial applications.

Based on our long-term experience in developing electronic solutions for stepping motors and stepping motor controllers, we will find effective, reliable and sustainable solutions according to your needs.




Our strength: Leading your project from the start to testing and certification up to the productive application. We only use reliable hardware that will be available for many years. This ensures that your industrial application will work trouble-free for a long time.

Our previous top devices Stepper1, Stepper8 and Ministep have done a reliable job in many different appications in the last years. In the next step our new generation of stepping motor controllers is smarter and more efficient: the SmartStep-Family.

By improving the functionality and the usability of our software PSC (Personal Stepper Controller) it is now an ideal tool for the new SmartStep-Family.


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